Kimono Lovin

 So, a lady walked into my work and I was obsessing over her kimono she was wearing! After about ten minutes of just staring at it, I went and asked her where she got it. She responded and said “Nordstrom.” In my head I was like DANG IT! I probably won’t be able to afford it. The next day I am doing a little shopping and totally saw THEE E X A C T kimono. Nope, I wasn’t at Nordstrom, I was at Forever 21! SHE TOTALLY LIED! Ladies…don’t be afraid to say you shop at Forever 21. They have some amazing pieces!

This shoot was super fun! I am loving this B R I G H T kimono. You can wear it in the summer. You can wear it in the winter. What is better then having something in your closet that you can wear year round?! In the past couple weeks I have seen kimono pieces on quite a few blogs.This is a piece that you are going to see more and more! Just you wait.






Kimono: Forever 21
Long Sleeve Shirt: Old Piece (Similar One Here)
Grey Jeans: H&M
Wedge Booties: Forever 21
Watch: Betsy Johnson (Old. Similar One Here)
Bracelet: JCrew (Old. Similar One Here)