Hello Corso Como

Ciao! Bonjourno! Heeeello!

It was quite the day yesterday, but I must say I love EVERYONE at my school! My prayers were answered and I have met people from all over the world that I will never forget. NAPAL. ARGENTINA. RUSSIA. KUWAIT. POLAND. GREECE. I mean really?! HOW AMAZING?! We all have a blast with each other. We love being students/tourist by day, but then we love to pretend to be “locals” by night. Yesterday we didn’t rest. We were on foot all day long. Yes, my feet are killing me. No, I wouldn’t change this experience for the world! We got to see and attend some fun and interesting things yesterday. Some of these things will only be cool to you fashionistas out there. Take a look…

First stop (after we took some random photos) was Lo Corso Como (Click and check out their website!). You will be “WOWED” when you step foot in this place. They have pieces that you would never even consider. It is very high-priced and VERY couture. It’s “celeb status.” 🙂Can you believe Moschino‘s new line?? What do you think?

and of course my favorite section in the book store that they had next door…
One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing the museum of Erwin Blumenfeld. He was most famous for his fashion photography pieces that were published in VOGUE magazine.

What do most of you think when you hear the word fashion? Shirts, pants, shoes, dress, handbag, etc. Well ya…you’re right! We are all forgetting one very important piece. It’s the girl who models these high-priced, perfectly stitched, one of a kind pieces. THE MANNEQUIN. I bet you’ve never seen any that look like these…

We then had a little bit of a walk. You know what that means? Random pictures and scenery pictures!
We then took a pit stop and marveled over the gorgeous and, of course, girly MOSCHINO Hotel!

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