Stripes and Checks

Do you want to know what the beauty of fashion is? It is a way to express yourself right? You can wear ANYTHING your heart desires and I LOVE that! Sometimes I feel like I want to look classy, so ill class it up with some pieces from JCrew. Other times I want to have that funky street style look, so ill throw on a graphic t..and well…random pieces! Don’t limit yourself or tell yourself you only have one style. If you love fashion as much as I do, then you can rock anything! Sometimes I look back and think, “Okay what was I thinking? That doesn’t work.” But you mind as well try! I love fashion because you can totally read how someone is feeling that day by what he or she is wearing. It is the BEST and really the most fun way to express yourself! Anyway, this was just a quick little shoot Lindsey and I did.

This may not be the look that some of you prefer, BUT a look that is different, daring, and laid back is the type of look I love wearing the most!



Shirt: JCrew (OR Similar One Here)
Check Button Up: Forever 21 Men (Similar One Here)
Jeans: JCrew (Similar Pair Here)
Shoes: Purchased in a little shop in Milan (Similar Pair Here –ON SALE! or Here)
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Beanie: Forever 21
Bangles: Old Items (Similar Ones Here)