Soft Dutch Braid Pony Tail

Just a quick little HAIR inspiration for you all!
I just wanted to share with you my favorite “GO-TO” hair style when I am in a hurry! It still looks like you got up a little bit earlier to do your hair,
but jokes on you! It took only a few minutes! 

Some of you already know how to do the Soft Dutch Braid, and if you do, then you are in luck! You don’t even need to watch the tutorial below. If you don’t know how, it’s easy!
The link below is a tutorial from Twist Me Pretty! Go a head and give this braid a try! In the tutorial she doesn’t pull it back into a pony, but you don’t need a tutorial on that, you all know
how to pull your hair in a pony. 🙂 Let me know if you give this tutorial a try! I would love to know how it went.

Soft Dutch Braid Tutorial Here


2 thoughts on “Soft Dutch Braid Pony Tail

  1. Gabriela

    Your hair is SO thick and gorgeous! Do you use any kind of texturizing spray before you do this, or does it hold naturally? My hair will never be voluminous, but since you’re the braid queen I thought you might have suggestions!

    1. Paige Arminta Watts

      Okay my hair looks thick but it’s totally not!! I have THEE thinnest hair. When I am done with the braid and put an elastic at the end, I pull each little section so it looks thicker. At the end of the tutorial I posted she shows you how. It’s called (pancaking) I don’t use any special product! Just suave hair spray!