Triple Dutch Dare

Hey peeps!  Just wanted to share my hair style with you today!
I don’t know exactly what it is, and yes I made up the silly name for it, BUT I can most definitely explain how it’s done. 🙂 I did a Soft Dutch braid on each side of my head, and connected them together in the back with an elastic. After I connected them I “pancaked” them a little bit to give you all the illusion that I have thick hair! (I really don’t. It’s as thin as a piece of paper! Yikes.)
After that, I just did a normal braid with the rest of the hair that was left. I “pancaked” that braid as well! Obviously this is NOT a tutorial, BUT if you click HERE you can see how Twist Me Pretty teaches you how to do a Soft Dutch Braid.
It’s super easy! If you haven’t noticed, it is my favorite!
Go watch the tutorial. Right now! Do it.
I “dare” you!

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