Flaunting Floral

Those who don’t own a form fitting midi skirt, get one! From head-to-toe, I am obsessed with this look! The silky floral midi skirt paired with a cotton tee is perfection. I love how the two different patterns and fabrics play off of each other. What else do I love?
The pop of color in the shoes! It just shouts class, and who doesn’t like to be classy?

Check out the behind the scenes down below! Lindsey, from Lindsey Lu Creations, shot a little video of our shoot. How cool, right?!

Flaunting Floral from Lindsey Bohne on Vimeo.


T-Shirt: JCrew
Midi Skirt: Zara (Almost the EXACT same one Here)
Shoes: Forever 21
Watch: Marc Jacobs (Similar Here)
Earrings: Nordstrom


5 thoughts on “Flaunting Floral

  1. Jenny

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I follow so many bloggers and I have not seen any that have done a video of their outfit before! So awesome and I love the striped sleeves.


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