Army of Stripes

My oh my, Utah is a BEAUTIFUL place! This photo shoot turned out so great, but I have to tell you the story behind it! These photos were taken up in Heber, Utah. Yes, this is a gorgeous open field of bright yellow flowers. Glamorous right? Wrong! We had to figure out how to squeeze our way through a barbed wire fence. First, trying to get through on our hands and knees. Second, trying to just scrunch our body in a little ball. Third time is a charm right? On the booty we went, and did a little game of limbo! Once we got through we had to make our way through gross dead bushes. I had tons of dirt in my shoes and my hands were covered as well, so by the time we started shooting, I felt like a dirty mess! Our photo shoots are ALWAYS an adventure. It’s never glamorous. I wish you could see the behind the scenes! It’s always a treat.

My outfit today is a perfect fit for the scenery. My little booties give it a little bit of a western feel. I didn’t wear any jewelry except for my new FAVORITE necklace from Made By Mary. I wear it almost everyday! If you don have a necklace like this, you need one. You can wear it with everything.
Keepin it simple with the stripe sweater dress, I needed to add another pattern to bring in a little funk.
I feel like this is a great outfit for transitioning into fall! I cannot wait for sweaters and boots!

Made by Mary Necklacestripes with camo jacketPHOTOS BY SAM STAPLEY PHOTOGRAPHY

Dress: Zara (Similar Here)
Camo Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar Here)
Booties: Target (Similar Here or Here)
Necklace: c/o Made By Mary

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