Houndstooth Hunny

Well, I took these photos a little bit ago, and Utah got a little colder in the last week. Good news is this outfit still will work! Just add some fun tights. First, I have to say, this whole look is from FOREVER 21! You know what that means. Fashionable AND affordable! My two favorite words. 🙂
This is, once again, a simple look. That is okay though! Like I have said in past posts, you don’t have to choose to be simple or funky. You can definitely be both! I must say one thing that will be my favorite this Fall/Winter will be the oversized sweaters/blazers. I’ve shot with a few of them already, and still have more to come! They have a professional look, but are super comfy at the same time! There isn’t anything better than that. Because this outfit is simple with color and patterns, I definitely needed that pop of color on my lips! It really does make all of the difference. I do apologize for the shortness of my dress! I didn’t realize it’s length. I would definitely add some tights or leggings. Lets keep it classy ladies!


Dress: Forever 21
Blazer: Forever 21
Booties: Forever 21
Glasses: Forever 21 (In Stores. Similar Here)
Pave Link Bracelet: JCrew
Earrings: JCrew
Ring: c/o Bangled 
Purse: Chanel (Similar Here)
Lip Gloss: H&M (Similar Here)

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  1. Salty Blondes

    Wow, you are gorgeous! Love these pics, love your style! Be sure to check out SaltyBlondes.com. We are three sisters who post about fashion, beauty, food, home, fitness, and more!