Baby Sienna: Alex and Ani

Hi bloggers and style lovers of my beautiful sis Paige Arminta.
I’m here today on Paige’s blog to share a hard experience that happened a few weeks ago. This last month a horrible incident occurred in my family’s life. My first and only child was born stillborn without any sign of previous issues. During this trying time I have felt helpless, hopeless, and devastated to say the least. I have received much love and support throughout this time, and received countless gifts. A few gifts in particular that have been meaningful to me are the Alex and Ani bracelets I received. I got them as a set to remember my daughter, and when I opened the box they made me feel happy and special. Each bracelet had a meaning behind them that applied to me. The Mom bracelet (here) reminds me that I am a Mom, one of special daughter.  The bracelet with the symbol of a peony, symbolically encompasses that of healing, love’s blessing, and bravery. This charm reminds me to be brave and love with my whole heart. The birth stone bracelet (here) was given to represent the month of my daughters birth, October. The monogram S (here)  for her name Sienna. The Water Lily (here) representing living in difficult conditions and still being beautiful. It reminds me that rising above and persevering will ultimately lead to enlightenment and a reawakening within. The Arms of strength bracelet (here) has the charm of a starfish. A creature that that is growing and transforming whenever necessary. It moves courageously forward in both calm and troubled waters. With a pink stone as its core, the color of nurturing love, the bracelet honors the brave and optimistic. These bracelets remind me of many qualities and symbols of the person I am and want to become through this difficult time. These bracelets are such a special gift to have. Each time I look down, I remember my sweet daughter and how much she has changed me.
Thank you for letting me share a very special story and time of my life with you all.

Plaid Shirt: Old Navy (Similar Here)
Dress: Old Navy
Tights: Old Navy (Similar Here)
Shoes: DSW (Old. Similar Here)
Necklace: Made By Mary
Feather Bangle: Alex and Ani
Skeleton Key Bangle: c/o Alex and Ani
Star of Venus: c/o Alex and Ani
Amethyst Luxe Bead Bangle: c/o Alex and Ani

Button Up: Old Navy
Dress: Old Navy (Old. Similar Here)
Tights: Target
Shoes: JCrew Factory
Mom Bangle: Alex and Ani
rms of Strength Bangle: Alex and Ani
onogram S Bangle: Alex and Ani
ater Lily Bangle: Alex and Ani
ctober Birthstone Bangle: Alex and Ani


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