Sweatshirt Dress

I haven’t realized this until now, but I have always taken the beauty of a Utah Fall for granted! Living in Los Angeles definitely has it perks, but nothing can beat Utah’s crisp colorful leaves, the cool evening temperatures, and the need cuddle up and drink some hot coco. Want to know what else I took for granted? The clothing I can wear in Utah vs what I can wear here in Los Angeles. I love to layer! It’s a little bit tricky doing that here. We can layer it up, but we will be sweating it up at the same time! I definitely took advantage of Utah when I went to visit last. I am excited to share with you my first Fall look! Every chick loves a big baggy sweatshirt that you can actually wear out of the house, right? I found THEE perfect one! I started off with just the sweatshirt alone, but the further we got up in the canyon the colder it got. You know what that means? LAYERS! I popped on my denim jacket, threw on my wool wide-brimmed hat, and zipped on my funky booties. BOOM! My favorite fall outfit thus far! What are your favorite falls looks?


Sweatshirt Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Old Navy (Similar Here)
Shoes: Nordstrom (Sam Edelman)
Hat: H&M (Similar Here)

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