Buffalo Plaid and Leather

I walked into Forever 21 and tried this jumpsuit on. I sent a picture to my guy friend to get validated before I purchased it! He told me, “I feel like I could lay you down and have a picnic on you.” Well…that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but it gave me more of a motivation to style and rock this jumpsuit! I was very hesitant, but I LOVE the way it looks layered with the leather jacket. Don’t get me wrong, this would look great with your average black leather jacket, but try to spice it up with a colored leather! I love this jumpsuit, because it looks good whether you layer it up, or just wear it by itself. Dress it down with sandals, or dress it up with some heels. Don’t go too crazy with the heels. Keep it simple with this jumpsuit. It is already crazy as it is. Top your look off with a pop of color on your lips! I know this seems silly, but a little lipstick can change your whole look!


Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Leather Jacket: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden/Nordstrom