Black is the new Black

Once upon a time in a winter wonderland, there was a young woman who arose out of bed at the crack of dawn to set out on an adventure. She thought twice about making the journey, but because she is trying to work hard towards her goal, she knew that she could not go back to snuggling up in her warm bed. The sun was rising, the wind was blowing, and in her apple red jeep the temperature read TEN DEGREES. Driving for miles, her excitement to get to her destination grew and grew. She pulled up and was more than thrilled to see her brown haired beautiful friend! Her friend whipped out her camera and said “we just need to make it to the top of that little hill”, so they set on their journey. The young woman was not prepared. She instantly knew that her leather skirt, ankle booties, and a thin turtleneck were not going to play in her favor. The two made it half way up the hill, and then it happened, the young woman slipped and fell. Not only did she fall, but she was holding holding onto her brown haired friend, so her friend fell as well! They both were in trouble. After multiple falls, bare hands and knees in the snow, and no way to warm up, they finally made it to the top. Miserably cold, they tried to laugh it off, and capture the beauty of  Utah’s winter mornings…

Yes. The young woman in the story is me. Yes, the brown haired beauty is Roxana. And yes, this really did happen!

Good thing these images turn out to be masterpieces! You’ll never get anything less than that with Roxanna!

Ps. No matter how many amazing pieces I may or may not have in my closet, I always end up wearing all black. It is a problem!


Photos by Roxana Baker Photography

Turtle Neck: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Booties: Zara