run like no one is watching

So, I have a confession. I usually stay away from looking at fitness Instagram accounts, because I find myself counting the flaws that I think I have, but lately I have been searching around Pinterest and Instagram to decide how I am going to attain a healthier lifestyle. There are SO many good accounts out there! It is incredible. But there is one problem that I have…I go through this crazy mind game. This is what I mean:
#1. I think “I am so ready to be healthy and get fit!”
#2. I then think “Where do I even start?”
(then I start looking at Instagram for different work outs and food ideas)
#3. Then I start to workout and eat healthy and then I don’t see results within the first two to three weeks…
(obviously that’s not a ton of time! Duh Paige…it takes longer than that)
#4. Every account I come across, I see this person who seems to be simply flawless and who
has it all together. So then I start to doubt a little bit.
#5. I then start to get super overwhelmed and think there is NO WAY I can make this happen for myself.
(I would ever look that good. Even if I never ate again!)
#6. Then there I am…back on my couch at midnight eating cookies. hahaha
This has been my process for a really long time! I think that I am starting to find ways to be motivated by myself and not by others, and that is really helping me! I personally want to feel and look good, and only I can make myself feel that way. So, with all of that being said, I want to know how you all are keeping healthy. What are your favorite healthy snacks? Are you on a diet that you love? I see lots of people “counting their macros”. Are you doing that? I am currently obsessed with boxing. It’s the only thing that gets me to the gym! So with that being said, what work out classes do you love?
The statement on this sweatshirt is a perfect statement for me. “Run like no one is watching.” I think I run a little funny, so I always pretend like no one is watching, or I get self-conscious! haha YOU GUYS…H&M pulled through this season with their workout gear! Their stuff is sooooo good. The sweatshirt in this look is a suede fabric. SUEDE! (see link below) So cool. Everywhere I go with this sweatshirt on, I get compliments. And the bra too. I have never had a matching gym outfit until this last month. Now I am kind of obsessed with trying to find matching looks. If you are anything like me, have cute outfits makes you get your booty to the gym, right?!
Anyway, I hope some of you comment and give me your feedback. I would love to hear from you all.
xo, paige

photos by roxana b photography
sweatshirt: h&m
leggings: h&m
sports bra: h&m
shoes: adidas

5 thoughts on “run like no one is watching

  1. Caitlin

    Hey Paige!!
    I have tried it all. Whole 30. Macro counting/ IIFYM, clean eating, cheat days. At the end of the day… the diet mentality will lead you to
    An unhealthy relationship with food. No one can tell you how to eat because all of our bodies are so biologically different! And our hormones and stress levels have a huge roll in our weight as well! Don’t beat yourself up or think you neeed to diet. Anyone that does diet ends up gaining that weight back eventually! Macro counting also drove me NUTS..I would stress if I didn’t hit my numbers or if my friends wanted to go out to
    Wat! My advice and the best diet you can be on is to listen to your body! Truly ask yourself if you want that cookie at midnight. And if you do…that’s fine! The take note of how you feel after you eat certain foods, rather than beat yourself up. Hope this helps for diet!
    As far as workouts go… I really love creating my own circuits to keep things interesting! I could always use a workout buddy tho?Where do you like to go boxing?!

  2. Jenna

    Love the sweater! It can be so hard sometimes not to compare ourselves to people on social media. We just have to remember that everyone struggles.

    1. Paige Arminta Watts

      Thank you babe! Yes, it is sooooo so hard. I do need to remind myself of that. Every single person is going through something and their life isn’t as perfect as IG makes it out to be. Thanks for your cute comment.

  3. Quinn

    I love this post! It’s so important to have a healthy lifestyle mainly because it keeps your mental health in balance too 🙂 Personally, I love to incorporate lots of protein + veggies into my diet. I eat a lot of omelettes, which are so tasty and keep me full! I prefer to swim or do cardio circuits I find online to workout. I can’t wait to be updated on your journey!


    1. Paige Arminta Watts

      hi babe! all of this info is SO good for me! I am terrible when it comes to diet. I never know what to eat, but i do love love love eggs! So i will need to start cooking so more omelettes! I haven’t ever swam for my cardio. I feel like i would drowned. How long have you been doing swim for your cardio? You are so impressive!