Workin on my Fitness

Photography by Brooke Scheurn Photo
Bra: Nike | Pants: Nike (similar) | Shoes: Nike

Okay, I am terrible. I can’t believe the last time I posted on here was in Feb! I was so pumped and motivated to keep up! I guess life gets in the way. All that matters is that…I am still here and still trying to do this blog thing! This time around, I am not going to stress and I am just going to have fun and share whatever my heart desires.

Anyway…I MADE A BIG CHANGE. Well..a big change in my eyes! For the last year I was training at a boxing gym. I would go almost every day! I was obsessed. Still am. But after a while I wasn’t seeing much change in my body. So, I did what scares me, and made a change! I decided to put that money I was spending on the boxing gym towards personal training with my fave Chiheb Soumer. Yes, there is boxing still involved! I was nervous from going to boxing class every day to only working out 3 times a week. In all honesty, I feel SO much better! I feel stronger and quicker and it’s only been 3 1/2 weeks since our first session. Wanna know what makes it extra fun? It’s a GROUP session. Which means I get to workout with my girls! Nothing better than having them there to motivate and push me. I can’t wait to see how we all feel a couple of months from now!

Long story short…I have a love-hate relationship with change. For some reason I always crave it. Sometimes I am not happy with it, but most times it makes ya stronger in one way or another!

What’s your go-to work out?