Scoot Scoot

photos by roxana baker photography
Like I mentioned in my last post, moving back to Utah has been quite the adjustment. One day you think you’ve got it all figured out, and the next day everything comes crashing down. Some of the things I thought I wanted weren’t truly making me happy. I thought that moving on without these things was going to be like climbing Mount Everest with a one hundred pound backpack weighing me down. Maybe it will be a hike, but it will be a beautiful one! When people say “life is tough”, I agree!  There are so many thoughts going through my head, so many emotions that I am feeling and trying to embrace. There have been people who have made me feel like embracing these emotions is not okay, or to feel a certain way is wrong. But those people are wrong. Feel every emotion. Learn from them. Be sad. It’s okay to cry. Life is meant for growing. Being uncomfortable. Being wrong. Making mistakes. But I recently decided it was time for me to face my doubts. I have a lot of them. I give myself pep talks on the daily, you guys.  Although everyday brings different experiences and different emotions, we need to remember that there is so much to be grateful for. On days where I throw myself pity parties, I try to take a step back and remember the amazing things and people God has blessed me with. I didn’t mean for this to be a soft and saucy post, but being back and rekindling relationships, making the most out of my time, doing the things that are important to ME, all of it is changing my outlook day by day. Anyway…
I’ve just been scooting along for the past little while and had been in talks with the amazing Laurel from Piper and Scoot. Can we talk about what a Girl Boss she is?! #goals. I am so happy we finally got the time to collab and show off one of my most fave dresses they have right now! I wore this to church with cute chunky black heels and got so many compliments! Because my dress was being coveted, I wanted to find a way to wear it as a day look. For now, this is the best that I could come up with! Very easy BUT so cute AND perfect for Fall. How would you style it?
hat: brandy melville (similar here) | lip butter: NYX | booties: zara (similar here) | dress: piper and scoot