Moves need to be Made

photos by wesley aldrich
When I was living in LA I kind of put my blog on the back burner. For some reason I couldn’t find the time to do it. I am not sure if that was because I really didn’t have the time, or if it was because I lost hope in myself and what my blog could be come. I get really overwhelmed and seem to justify my thoughts and actions. I mean, I would see all my Utah blogger friends growing and doing the best that they could to keep up the hard work. They seemed to find time. How come I couldn’t? I realized that I gave myself every excuse in the book as to why I didn’t have time to do it. Today, I have gone back and read through some of my posts. They are all so surfaced leveled. All I would talk about was my outfit and why I thought it looked good. Like…COME ON PAIGE. That is so lame! I hate that I was even like that. There is more to me than my passion to create. There is no way that I could connect to any one of you with those posts. Jessica and I had another little chat! We were talking about how fashion and blogging is very worldly. It is easy to only think about clothes, hair, makeup, and well…pretty much anything that makes you look good and then to talk about why it all works. But our convo then led us in the direction of how we both want to make a difference in this world, and we can’t do that by just talking about the outfit we are wearing in the photos we post. Whether I can have an effect on one person or hundreds of people, I want to make some sort of difference. I want to empower. I want to support. I want to connect. I want to give. And here I am this morning trying to think of ways I can do that. I do not have an answer. But with all of you, maybe you could give me some ideas on what I could do to be a better human. How can I help? What do you want/need to hear?
Anyway, I am ready to make a move! Not like “a move from Utah”  kind of move haha but I am ready! I am ready to make a move on so many levels! Like the above, I am ready to help, connect, inspire, build, etc! This weekend I was scrolling through my Instagram and I found myself stalking @iheartmacros page. YOU GUYS! Quincy is the queen of all queens! If there is one person that is inspiring, it is her! I know that when it comes to the subject of working out and dieting, some people shut off. I am here to tell you that I do not love her because her body is perfect and she’s got this macro counting down to a T. She is helping women (and I am sure some men) LOVE themselves AND believe in themselves. I see it with the pictures she posts and the comments that are left on her feed. She even got me in her trap. I am going to try one of her programs because I am ready to feel good!
Long story short, I want to be like Quincy. I just need to find my own way. And like I said above, I would love to hear from you and what you need from me.
ps. this post doesn’t have much to do with the photos. I am trying to find a way to get better at tying everything together hahaha. I guess I like “making moves” in my cute comfy workout clothes.
workout bra: target | workout leggings: target | sneakers: adidas

5 thoughts on “Moves need to be Made

  1. Oksana k

    I have been following you for a while and I wish you did more stories ! I enjoy watching Instagram stories because it’s a cool way to see that everyone is not perfect and they are relatable.

  2. Brandon T.


    Congrats on the self discovery and evolution. For me personally, whenever I have had an aha moment towards growth and maturity I have felt the need for a drastic and immediate overhaul of my current practices. However, I have discovered that that change takes time as well, and to not be frustrated with the speed of change I’m experiencing.

    Also, I wouldn’t play down your ability create positive change in someone talking about clothes and makeup. I would wager that someone really values your opinions, and if you’re adding sincere value to those posts there’s no reason why you couldn’t have a massive positive effect on someone. It could drive their passions forward, motivating them to start their own journey, business, career etc. you have a greater impact than you know.

    Finally I would say you don’t have to be different to make a difference. It’s great that you have someone like Quincy to look up to, and emulate but the world is better off with 1 Paige and not 2 Quincy’s.

    To help ease your mind maybe look into the teachings of Seneca. It’s helped me find peace in my efforts and not disappointed in my current meager philanthropy.

    Best wishes