Random Look, Random Story

photos by roxana baker photography
I have been racking my brain on something to chat about, but nothing is coming to me. BUT…i did have a story about this outfit that some of you may find funny…
So..a couple of weeks ago i made my way to Arizona to see some family. Well, Utah doesn’t have a Zara…YET, so you better believe i made a stop to get some shopping done. I don’t see my niece very much, so I made it into a girls day out and took my mom and niece with me! Just FYI, my niece is 9.
If you have ever asked me about shopping and my tips and tricks, my response is always the following:
“Yes, I go for basic looks, but I always tell myself that when I walk into a store, I need to try on clothes that may appear too funky or somewhat ugly.”
What appears to be ugly on the hanger, may be a freaking gem once it’s on the bod! It’s happened to me so many time! Well, believe it or not, this was one of those pieces. I saw it on the mannequin and thought to myself (and no one get offended), that could either be a really cool piece OR it will look “too Utah”. HAHA So…here is the story I was talking about. I head to the fitting room to try it on. My niece and Mom come with to give their approval. I try it on and immediately LOVE. I walk out of the curtain feeling super confident, BUT THEN my 9-year-old niece says “Now Paige…how would you feel if you went out in public in that outfit?” 
and there went my confidence…but it didn’t stop me from buying it! Anyway, randomly story, random post. Long story short, try on what you wouldn’t necessarily try on, you will be surprised!
sweater dress: zara | booties: zara | glasses: aldo | lippy: nyx

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