Pizza and Cobble Stone and New friends. Oh my!

Today was even better then yesterday! I LOVE everyone I have met at Milan Fashion Campus! We all went out for lunch today and I thought it’d be a good time to order a “slice” of pizza…MAMMA MIA it was huge! Even was shaped like a heart! We wandered around the cobble stone roads to the location where the GUCCI fashion show will be held (tomorrow!!) I think I might have met my husband there today. Oooo la la. 😉 We then finished our studies and our instructor hands us a lovely invite to my first real fashion show!! You MUST come visit Paige Arminta tomorrow! I will have pictures from Milan Fashion Week backstage AND from a Vogue party! You won’t want to miss this…








MILANO. I am in LOVE with you.

Holy Smokes. Everyone needs to get their booties to Milano! It is so much more then anyone could ever explain! I just wanted to take a quick break from my homework and take you on a TINY tour of my “first day” journey in Milanooo! No outfit post for the day, but who wants to see that when they can see the beautiful scenery of Milan. I have met some amazing people, seen some unforgettable architecture, tasted some heavenly food, and OH MAN to think the best has yet to come!! Take a look below at my quick snap shots of my view today.



-Rainy days in Milan wont keep me inside!-

-Then school started…I LOVE IT!-

-Then took an adventure to come across my new FAVORITE cafe. Oh and cant forget the GELATO!-.


Ciao! Ciao! Arrivederci!

TODAY IS THE DAY! I am off to Milan, Italy! I cannot wait to be studying in one of the FASHION CAPITALS of the world! Three weeks just might not be enough…Come along with me and follow my Milan journey through my blog! I cannot wait to share my spontaneous adventure with you all!





Chambray Tunic: JCrew (Old Item. Similar One Here.)

Floral Jeans: Forever 21

Booties: Old Navy

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Pave Link Bracelet: JCrew. or Similar One Here.

Heart Locket Necklace: My 8th Year Birthday Gift 🙂 (Similar One Here.)


Happy Valentines Day to all your LOVERS out there! Hope your men pull something special out of the bag. 🙂 For all you single ladies, that includes me, you are still loved! Have a fun night with your gals.




Blazer: Forever 21 (Old Item. Similar One Here.)

Neon Stripe Button Up: JCrew (Old Item. Similar One Here.)

Stripe Button Up: JCrew

Jeans: H&M

Heels: Target (Very Old Item. Check Out Some AMAZING Heels Here.)

Bag: Kate Spade (Old Item. Similar Ones Here.)

Necklace: My 8-year-old birthday present 🙂

Form Fitting Polkas

You’ll rarely see form fitting articles of clothing on my bod, BUT when I saw this midi tank dress it was a must have! I tried it on and definitely had to tell myself…THINK SKINNY. 🙂 I just couldn’t wait to see what I could pair it with. I had to wear it the first chance I got, and that first chance was to church! That means I had to class it up just a little bit. So, I put a silk button up underneath, threw on some tights and wedges, and was looking church worthy! I cant wait to wear this dress in the summer. I am thinking i’m going to pair it with a denim jacket or vest and some converse to keep it comfy casual, OR, (if I ever get asked out on a date haha) I might just have to slip on some funky summer wedges and toss on a bright kimono. What would YOU pair this midi dress with?




Tank Midi Dress: Forever 21 (Couldn’t Find Online. Similar One Here. or Here. or Here.)

Polka Dot Button Up: JCrew (Old Item. Similar One Here.)

Tights: Target

Watch: Betsey Johnson (Old Item. Similar Ones Here.)

Bracelet: JCrew (Old Item. Similar One Here. or Here.)

Wedges: JCrew Factory

Lip Gloss: H&M

“Woolin” in Leather

If you can’t tell from the photos…Oh baby it’s cold outside! It sure is gorgeous tho! If you want to see spectacular scenery, come to Utah!

Today’s look will keep you a little warm on this chilly day like today. A wool sweater is the way to go if you are wanting to keep toasty warm! A gorgeous and amazing blogger, Barefoot Blonde, paired some fun sparkly shorts with leggings and I fell in love!  The “shorts over tights” trend is going around, so I thought I would give it a try. I paired my faux leather shorts with leggings, however, I think it would be pleasing to pair them with some funky tights as well.

Everyone give this trend a try before the summer sneaks right on in!




Sweater: JCrew (ON SALE! Similar One Here. or Here.)

Leather Shorts: Forever 21(Old Item. Similar Ones Here.)

Leggings: ModCloth

MacAlister Booties: JCrew (Old Item. Similar Pair Here. or Here.)

Watch: Betsey Johnson (Old Item. Similar Ones Here.)

EarringsJCrew Factory (Old Item. Similar One Here) or FUN EARRINGS HERE!

Lip StickFuchsia Flash-Color Sensational VIVIDS by Maybelline

Blinded by Color

Woaaaah, hello bright colors! If you aren’t awake you will be once you scroll down. 🙂

Today’s post is super bright and fun! You can still wear those radiant colors in the winter time ladies and gents. I feel like this jacket is so versatile. You can pair it with some bright jeans like I did, or even some dark/black denim and a button up shirt to keep it classy. However, it could be worn with some cute jean shorts and a baggy graphic T on a warm summer night! What’s better than a Shopaholic finding pieces to wear year round?




Colored Jeans: JCrew (Similar Pair at JCrew Factory)

Jacket: H&M (Old Item. Similar One Here //ON SALE//  or Here)

Wedges: JCrew Factory

Watch: Betsy Johnson (Old Item. Similar Ones Here)

Earrings: JCrew Factory (Old Item. Similar One Here)

Lipstick: Fuchsia Flash-Color Sensational VIVIDS by Maybelline

Faux Fur Fever

Confession…I have Faux Fur Fever! 

Living in Utah gets pretty dang cold. This faux fur coat has been a little life saver! Its not only a bold fashion statement, but it’s W A R M! It is such a fun piece to have in your closet. If you don’t have one, you most definitely need to add one to your wardrobe! Like me, some may feel a little bit self conscious when you first put it on to go out, but KEEP IT ON! It is a fun fashion statement. You can pair it like I did and keep it very simple, or you can rock it with some boyfriend jeans and a upbeat patterned shirt. The sky is the limit with these fun faux fur coats. Take advantage of them in the winter time. If you don’t then you just might regret it. 🙂




Fur Coat: H&M (on sale now!)

Black Sweater: Target (on sale now!)

Black Leggings: Nordstrom or Similar Ones Here

Hat: H&M

Booties: Forever 21 (Similar Pair Here)

Earrings: Tory Burch or Similar Pair Here

Feather Bracelet: Alex and Ani

Pave Link Bracelet: JCrew or Similar One Here

Lip Stick: Fuchsia Flash-Color Sensational VIVIDS by Maybelline

Harem Heaven

Hello H A R E M pants!

I never thought in a million years that I would purchase a pair of these. I didn’t think that I would be that girl that would have the ability to pull them off and feel 100% confident in them, but I LOVED seeing girls wear them. Well ladies, I finally braved the harem pants! I kept this outfit simple and paired my harems with a simple button up shirt and threw on my denim vest. I have seen the harem pants styled in lots of ways! First, I have seen them with a fun baggy T that’s half tucked. Second, I have seen them paired with a cute fitted sweatshirt. Third, I have seen them styled with a nice button and high heels.

There are so many unique ways you can rock those harem pants. I guess it just depends on where you’re going and how casual you want to feel! If you are like me, you’ll try these pants on in the store and think “H E C K – N O” I will never wear these. JUST BE BRAVE and buy the pants! You can all rock them. I promise!




Harem Pants: Forever 21

Black Button Up Shirt: Nordstrom (Similar One Here.)

Denim Vest: Hot Topic (Old. Similar Ones Here.)

Necklace: JCrew (Old.)

Earrings: Bohme (Old. Similar One Here.)

Pave Heart Ring: JCrew (Old. Similar One Here)

Shoes: JCrew Factory (Old. Similar Ones Here.)

Lip Tint: H&M

Denim Obsession

DENIM DENIM DENIM! I was so excited to shoot this look! When I very first wore an outfit like this I kept thinking to myself, “Paige, this is so muted and dull.” The more I put denim on denim, the more obsessed I got with this look. Yes, it is monochromatic, but that is what makes it so great! You can transform it into something to wear for almost any occasion! Today, I threw on a seersucker blazer (which is still in the same color scheme as the denim that I am wearing) to dress up my jeans and chambray button up. I slipped on my nude wedges, brushed on some pink lip gloss, stuck in some fancy stud earrings, and I felt super sophisticated! 😉 Yes, even with my crazy messy bun…Yikes! On the flip side, you can dress down the outfit by adding a jean jacket or jean vest, some cute neutral flats, BUT I would definitely keep some sort of fun color on your lip. You don’t want to be looking washed out. 🙂

Try out this ALL DENIM look! I promise you can all rock it.




Seersucker Blazer: H&M (Old Item. Similar One Here or Here.)
Chambray Button Up: JCrew or Similar Ones Here
Jeans: Forever21 (Old Item. Similar One Here.)
Patent Wedges: JCrew Factory
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Pave Heart Ring: JCrew (Old Item. Similar One Here.)
Earrings: JCrew (Old Item.)
Lipgloss: H&M