The Ultimate Bomber

Do you know why I love LA so much? Because there are so many creative people here! I stepped out of my comfort zone this past weekend and met up with an unbelievably creative human named Tommy. I came across his profile on Instagram and was immediately in love with the work he creates. We ended up connecting, and next thing you know, we are on a rooftop in Downtown LA picking each other’s brains and enjoying the view every way we looked!

The winter here in Los Angeles is different from the Utah winter that I am used to. I never thought that a baggy dress, knee-high booties, and some sort of statement jacket would be my “go-to” look this winter season…Some may call that boring, but hey, this look gets lots of compliments! No one hates those.

Wherever you are in the world, what’s going to be your “go-to” winter look?! Please share. I need some outfit inspo!

| Photos by Tommy Lundberg |

Bomber: ASOS
Dress: Cotton On
Boots: Zara (Similar Here and Here)

Calvin Klein

Mmmm mmm mmm, today’s look has got me feeling like a school girl! Well..I guess only the bottom half of my look! Today I am rocking the mini denim skirt and knee-high boots. All I need to do is throw my hair in two pig tails and…BOOM…school girl, right?! If I wanted the head to toe school girl look, I would throw on a white button up shirt, but instead, I shimmied into my favorite (and such a classic) Calvin Klein graphic tee.
For some reason, when I see a guy OR even a girl wearing anything Calvin, I am immediately obsessed with their look. Why? I don’t know. But there is something very attractive about a guy when he wears a nice crisp white Calvin tee styled nicely.
Who is with me? ow ow!
Anyway, because I am keeping this look very monochromatic and dark, I felt like it needed a slight edge. That is where my little choker comes into play. It’s not much, but it is just enough to give my Calvin look the edginess it needs!
What do you think?
Choker, or no choker?
Now, this is where I would usually throw my “add a pop of color to the lips” comment, but you all already know to do that by now. 🙂

| Photos by Roxana Baker Photography |
T-Shirt: Calvin Klein
Skirt: Target
Boots: Zara | Similar Here
Choker: Brandy Melville | Similar Here

Off the Shoulder

You guys! I am currently DYING to be living back in Utah right now! I took a quick trip back to Salt Lake City this past weekend just so I could take multiple drives through the mountains to look at all of the amazing colors. Thank goodness I took one of my BFF’s to capture the gorgeousness! I can honestly say that the scenery of these photos stole the show. 🙂

This top (which is on sale) is my first off the shoulder top. My friend Taylor rocks it ALL the time, so I decided to jump on her boat try the same thing! This shirt, like most of my clothing, is versatile. Wear it casually like I have done below. If you’re not a fan of mini skirts, wear it with some distressed overalls and tall booties! Of course, you can dress it up and wear it with dark denim and some nice pointed toe pumps! Boom. You’re ready for a night out on the town! Don’t forget to play dress up and lather yourself with some fun necklaces. That will definitely tie your look all together.

What do I love most about this look? One word. TARGET! Yep, you heard it right. Both the top and skirt are from Target! That place will eventually be the death of me…I know it. But until that happens, you can find me at Target burning a hole in my wallet.


Top: Target
Mini Skirt: Target
Black Leather Booties: Zara | Similar Here
Choker: Zara | Similar Here
Compass Necklace: Dogeared
Lipstick: Lancome

Chic of the Week + Lauren Conrad

Good morning loves!

You may follow a lot of blogs that give you style inspiration on the daily. I know I do! Hopefully one day, I will be able to share my style with you everyday! But there is one blog that I have followed from day one…Any guesses?!

The “” blog! 

The little girl inside of my is jumping up and down, because today, I am featured on their blog as the “Chic of the Week“! 

Check it out here and let me know what you think!


Simple is my new thing. Nothing about a black tee, dark jeans (possibly distressed), and some pumps shouts boring to me…but for those of you who think its boring, I threw on a bomber to try to give my look a little somethin!

This shoot took place a little bit ago and for some reason I never shared! Why am I sharing it with you today?

It’s totally making me crave Utah’s Fall weather!

Thank goodness I get to hop on a plane tonight and enjoy the colorful leaves and crisp air this weekend!

Who is ready to pull out their boots and sweaters?
I know I definitely am. Well, that is, if Los Angeles will allow me to! What Fall style do you think you’ll rock the most this season?!


Bomber: Zara (Similar Here and Here)
T-Shirt: Zara (Similar Here)
Heels: Nordstrom (Steve Madden)
Lipstick: Lancome

Swimsuit Dream with Kortni Jeane

I totally hate to say this, but swimming suit season is almost over. Where did the Summer even go? For you lucky ones who still have vacations planned, and are still looking for modest and stylish swimming suits that fit you well, (yes…those do exist) I know exactly what to tell you!

Two Words…
Kortni Jeane

You guuuuuys! Their suits are to die for! For once I can actually walk around the beach and not worry about a dang thing. One pieces are usually not my thing, and to be honest, I rarely wear them! However, this one fits like a glove AND I don’t feel super self conscious in it!

Confident AND Comfortable?!

What more could a girl ask for?
Click the link below and check out their website! It’s adorable!

p.s. How amazing are these photos? I’m totally in love with Jordan!

Photography by Jordan Zobrist

Swimming Suit: c/o Kortni Jeane

V-Neck Romper

If you were to ask me what my favorite article of clothing is, I would immediately say a ROMPER! Not only are they super comfortable…well…most of the time, but you also don’t have to go back and forth deciding what to pair it with! I am VERY indecisive sometimes, so trying to figure out what shirt to wear with what bottoms can sometimes take a lifetime. To save me the headaches, I wish I could wear a romper everyday! This one has become one of my faves. I love the colors and pattern, but I also love how the straps tie up on the shoulders. Something is really cute about those two bows hanging out on the shoulders. Now for the best part ever…IT’S ON SALE! Summer is not over yet…you need this statement romper for your last summer vacation! 🙂

Photography by Jordan Zobrist

Romper: H&M


Mini’s have never been my thing, but this one fit like a glove. From the color, to the pockets, the fit, to the detailing, I knew this skirt needed a home! Because of the skirt simplicity, pairing it with a blue and white floral patterned tank seemed like the perfect idea. I wanted to spice it up and add my own twist, so I buckled on my snake-skin heels and headed out the door. What are your favorite patterns to mix this Summer?


Top: H&M (Similar Here and Here)
Mini Skirt: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Lipstick: Lancôme

Patterned Dress

H&M’s patterned dress for the win! I am loving everything about this dress. Length, texture, pattern, and colors! This is a perfect piece to dress up for a Summer Friday night out on the town, or a shopping Summer Saturday with the girls! Classy yet funky, this a fun statement piece to have in your closet!


Dress: H&M
Bag: Old Navy
Shoes: Nordstrom (Steven Madden)
Lip Stick: c/o Lancôme

Summer. You are all that I want!

I guess you could say I am super ready for Summer! I think I found one of my top favorite dresses that will make an appearance more than once this Summer. It’s the perfect dress that you can throw over your swimming suit, OR to wear out on a date night with your summer fling. Gotta love those pieces that can go from day to night real quick. My favorite way to wear this dress is to pair it with a straw fedora hat and gladiator sandals! What is your favorite summer look?


Dress: c/o Shein (Similar Here and Here)
Hat: Forever 21
Bracelets: c/o The Shine Project