Maroon Obsession

Maroon. Need I say more? This color is MY favorite color for Fall. I find myself drawn to everything maroon! Head-to-toe in Old Navy, I guess you could say Old Navy has been my “go-to” store lately. They definitely haven’t let me down. If you’re like me, you love a good shift dress. It’s the perfect combo of comfortable and fashionable. You can dress it up or down. Today, I have kept it comfortable. Pairing this stripe beauty with maroon pointed toe loafers and a green button up, I have created a look I never want to take off!


Dress: Old Navy
Button up: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy
Watch: Betsy Johnson (Old. FAVORITE Watch Here)
Bracelet: Alex and Ani

Layering with Flannel

For those of you who live in places where it gets super cold in the upcoming months, this is a Fall look you could rock until then! This flannel is actually a dress from Old Navy. The obvious way to wear it is to button it up all the way, and maybe throw on a layer over the top. Something like a sweater, blazer, or a jean jacket. This go around, I decided to leave it unbuttoned using it as a layering piece. I paired it with a simple dress, but it would be kind of fun to pair it with a patterned dress! How would you style it?


Flannel Dress: Old Navy
Dress: Target
Boots: DSW (Similar Here)
Watch: Old. (Similar Here)

Sweatshirt Dress

I haven’t realized this until now, but I have always taken the beauty of a Utah Fall for granted! Living in Los Angeles definitely has it perks, but nothing can beat Utah’s crisp colorful leaves, the cool evening temperatures, and the need cuddle up and drink some hot coco. Want to know what else I took for granted? The clothing I can wear in Utah vs what I can wear here in Los Angeles. I love to layer! It’s a little bit tricky doing that here. We can layer it up, but we will be sweating it up at the same time! I definitely took advantage of Utah when I went to visit last. I am excited to share with you my first Fall look! Every chick loves a big baggy sweatshirt that you can actually wear out of the house, right? I found THEE perfect one! I started off with just the sweatshirt alone, but the further we got up in the canyon the colder it got. You know what that means? LAYERS! I popped on my denim jacket, threw on my wool wide-brimmed hat, and zipped on my funky booties. BOOM! My favorite fall outfit thus far! What are your favorite falls looks?


Sweatshirt Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Old Navy (Similar Here)
Shoes: Nordstrom (Sam Edelman)
Hat: H&M (Similar Here)

Bride or Not?

Whether or not this looks like a weddings dress, I am loving it! During my photo shoot with best girl, Brooke McVey, we had people telling me my dress was beautiful! They thought I was shooting bridals. It was pretty funny. This dress is definitely a statement dress! It is definitely a “double-taker.” There isn’t many ways to make this dress into a casual look. However, it is a nice dress to have for a night out, dinner party, wedding reception, etc. A girl can never have too many dresses!


Dress: c/o She In
Lip Stick: MAC

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

This weekend is one that I wait patiently for. This weekend marks the 185th General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I just wanted to express my love for Jesus Christ. I don’t know what I would do, or who I would be without the gospel in my life. I feel so blessed to be where I am in life. I am thankful for my trials and tribulations. They have made me become who I am today! God knows each and everyone one of us. He has a plan for us! Do not doubt. Choose faith over fear. Seek Him. Trust in Him. I know at times your journey may get tough, but continue to strive to be the best you can. Pray to Him constantly. “You are strongest when you are on your knees.” Let your light shine! Be kind to those around you. Seek to lift people up. Serve and love those who are lost and cannot find their way back to happiness.

If you are struggling, have questions, need/want to feel inspired, or have questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I want to invite you to watch with us the 185th General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (Click Here)

PPhotos by Martha Keyes Photography

Shirt: c/o She Inside
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Forever 21 (Old. Similar Here)
Watch: Betsey Johnson (Old. Similar Here)


What’s in my Bag?

I am so excited to be collaborating with ASOS to bring you a “What’s in my bag?” post! My bag is always full of random things. You would think my Adidas bag would be packed with healthy bars, protein drinks, an extra pair of socks, and maybe a work out outfit for the gym. Surprisingly, or not, my bag is never filled with that stuff! I turned my Adidas bag into the key accessory to my sporty chic look! Just a quick list of “MUST HAVES” when it comes to the goodies in my bag.

-Hair Spray
-Ear Phones
-Lipsticks of Many Colors
-Journal and a Pen
-Drink to Wet My Pallet 😉
What do you have in your bag that you think I need to add to mine?!

I have a challenge for you…Take your athletic bag/backpack, and try to style it to go with one of your every day looks! Bring out your sporty side! Show me what you are made of!

Dress: H&M (Similar Here)
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: c/o ASOS
Watch: Betsy Johnson (Old. FAV WATCH HERE)
Black Statement Ring: Blooms and Co. (Similar Here)
Hammered Ring: Forever 21 (Similar Here)

Labor Day Blues

I must say, I have a bad case of the Labor Day blues. I don’t know about you, but I really didn’t want this past weekend to end. There is nothing better than being able to relax and enjoy your time with loved ones!
So, with that being said, I am breaking the “no wearing white after Labor Day” rule.
First things first, I got to shoot this look with a new photographer, Martha Keyes! I am dying over the way she captured my look!
This “all white” outfit has made its way up the charts and landed itself on the top. There is something so chic and striking about this look. From the color, to the  light pattern, to the long slits that give the shirt its flowy movement. All of these things play into this look coming full circle! I thought about wearing white heels to go with the theme, but instead, I thought it would be fun to take it to the next level and accessorize this look with some color. I am loving this green colored wide brim hat with black trim. This is a great accessory to turn your outfit from Summer to Fall.
How are you transitioning into fall?

Top: H&M (Similar Here)
Jeans: Zara (Old. Similar Here)
Heels: Nordstrom
Hat: H&M (Similar Here)
Watch: Betsey Johnson (Old. My FAV Watch Here)
Hand of Famtima Bracelet: Alex and Ani
Black Statement Ring: Blooms and Co. (Similar Here and Here)
Hammered Ring: Similar Here
Arrow Midi Ring: Similar Here
Gold Midi Ring: Similar Here

Purple Maxi

A maxi dress is a girls best friend in the summer time, right?! Its comfortable, easy, and stylish. This dress is one of my favorites for a few reasons. First, I love how it is a “midi” maxi dress. It makes it fun to pair it with some funky sandals. Second, I love the soft lavender color. Third, I am a sucker for anything embroidered. Fourth, this dress is very affordable! Hop on my “maxi dress train” before the summer really comes to an end!
Photos by Ashlee Brooke Photography

Dress: c/o She Inside
Shoes: JCrew (Old. Similar Here)
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Boho Chic

Who doesn’t love a little “Boho Chic” lovin in their life. This style is one that is my favorite for the Summer time. This look below can go a few ways. The first thing you can do is, of course, dress it up a little! Zip on some ankle bootie heels and meet up with your girl friends for a girls night out. The other way you can go is causal! Throw on your gladiator sandals, hair up in a high bun, and spend the day walking along the board walk!

P.S. This shoot was my first with Ashlee Brooke Photography! She is now one of my favorite humans. What better way to make new friends then do it in the mountains of gorgeous Utah?!
Photos by Ashlee Brooke Photography

Dress: Zara (Similar Here)
Bracelet: Alex and Ani
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Ice Cream and Embroidery

There is nothing that shouts summer more than licking an ice cream cone while wearing a item that is white with blue embroidery! Right when I saw this top from Piper and Scoot, I knew I needed to have it! These kinds of pieces are PERFECT for summer. Luckily, there are dresses, shorts, skirts, and tops, all with this bohemian feel. I mean…we mind as well be in Greece, right?! I am so blessed to live by the ocean, because there are so many fun things that go on around it! Of course there is sun bathing, beach volleyball, surfing, etc. The one thing I love the most is the pier! Everyone needs to come and visit me in Santa Monica. Make sure you wear your newly purchased embroidered goody, and I will take you to my favorite ice cream shop on the pier!


Shirt: c/o Piper and Scoot
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Old Navy (Similar Here)
Initial Necklace: c/o Made by Mary