Craving That Camo

So… I purchased this cute C A M O dress a while ago. I was so excited to wear it! I walk into work and got made fun of THEE WHOLE day! They said that I shouldn’t be wearing my night-gown to work. 🙂 Yes, the guys in the back like to tease us girls, but to be honest, I hadn’t pulled that dress out of my closet until now! I am so happy I got the guts to wear it again, because I really love it!

 It is a very simple look. No layering. No crazy pieces. Just one fun print with some additional colored yet quiet pieces to please the eye. I would probably say to most of you to put those tall wedge booties on with a dress like this. I did try it with some taller shoes and it looked super cute! It definitely dressed it up. I do have to admit…I wanted to wear it to church, BUT if I kept those taller shoes on, it made the dress look a little too short! 🙂  So, I stuck with the flat booties and took the more casual look with me to church!

I feel like you could go with any color tights with this dress. I stuck to my darker “CAMO” colors and then added some neutral shoes to give my outfit some dimension. Also, it would have been fun to add a crazy bright lip color to spice it up a little bit! It was such a beautiful and S U N N Y day when we did this shoot, so I  couldn’t resist throwing on my favorite shades from JCrew Factory!

Ladies and Gents, don’t be afraid to wear something because you are nervous of what people will think or say! How you dress is the most exciting and fun way to express yourself! You are beautiful. Never ever forget it!





Camo Dress: Gap or Similar One Here

Tights: Target

Booties: DSW

Claremont Purse: JCrew

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Pave Link Bracelet: JCrew or Similar One Here

Sun Glasses: JCrew Factory

2 thoughts on “Craving That Camo

  1. Sierra

    My husband’s family are huuuuge hunters so they are all about camp, so he would love it if I wore this dress. You rock it, girl!