Hi! Just wanted to quickly share a booty workout I came across and decided to try. Yes, I found this on Pinterest. Yes, I am working on getting a nice booty. Yes, I really tried these works outs below. AND YES, I am very sore!
I have a little clip of me trying out this workout on my Instagram Story right…NOW. Hopefully I can get some videos up on my Instagram wall in the future! Side note – I couldn’t even do the “pistol squats.” Like what?! I’m not that legit yet. Another side note, because I couldn’t do the pistol squats, I tried to make the “single leg bridge” a little more difficult by using an exercise ball (see seen in my Instagram Story). If you miss my Instagram Story, instead of having my foot rest on the ground, I am balancing it on the exercise ball. Working the core and the booty at the same time! It was rough! Anyway…anyone want to jump on this “nice booty” train with me?! Or do any of you have any good work outs for me to try? I am all ears.

xo, paige