I’m Afraid of Goals

photos by roxana baker photography
top: forever 21 | skirt: zara (similar) | hat: target | shoes: aldo | lip: nyx
It’s that time of year when we all get our pen and paper out and write down our goals for the new year, right? I’ve gotta be honest..I haven’t done that for the past couple of years. I’ll think about things that I want to do, but never write them down. I personally have felt like it’s too big of a commitment and i don’t want to disappoint myself if I don’t accomplish what’s on my list. Lame, I know.
You know that picture you’ve seen with a male brain vs a female brain? The males have like a few squiggly lines, but the females have like a thousand squiggly lines? That picture of the female brain is me right now. I have SOOOO many things that have been racing around in my brain. Because of this, I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to start. BUT I read an article that really helped me. It suggested to set “SMART” goals. Let me break it down:
T-ime Bound
I am going to be realistic with my goals. Yes, some of them will be hard! It’s necessary for me to challenge myself. Maybe I will set some that are both easy and hard. I will make sure to keep my goals in line with my priorities. I will define where I want to end up. Set dates. I VOW WRITE DOWN MY GOALS. haha When you write down your goals, those goals become more tangible. Then…I will sit down and make an action plan for each goal! Phew. Seems like a lot to do, but I am 100% ready for the challenge.
I am going to let you in on a couple of my goals. I am scared to write it on here because I will be so embarrassed if I don’t accomplish it! You guys…before I tell you, there is something you need to know about me if you don’t know me already. I want to help so many people in this world. I want to do incredible things for others and actually make some sort of difference in this crazy world. BUT the other things you need to know, is that I am afraid. This has been my biggest blocker the past couple of years. I want to do so many things, but then talk myself out of it because I tend to think low of myself. So goal #1 is to “just go for it.” No fear. No hesitation. It is going to be a tough one.
My second goal…I want to eventually turn my content into something greater. I love creating, styling, photography, etc, but there has got to be more to it. Not only do I want to partner with these companies who reach out, but I want to do something bigger than a content collab. I want to partner with an athleisure brand and send gym clothes or gym supplies to schools or kids who lack it. I want to partner with brands who also have the same goals in mind. To help others. This world, the fashion and beauty world, can be so worldly and surface leveled. I want my platform to be more than that! This year, I am going to try to do that! If any of you have ANY ideas, send them my way.
Let’s all work together!
p.s. This is one of my fave outfits I have shot since being back in Utah! ITS AFFORDABLE! Couldn’t wait to blog it.

Moves need to be Made

photos by wesley aldrich
When I was living in LA I kind of put my blog on the back burner. For some reason I couldn’t find the time to do it. I am not sure if that was because I really didn’t have the time, or if it was because I lost hope in myself and what my blog could be come. I get really overwhelmed and seem to justify my thoughts and actions. I mean, I would see all my Utah blogger friends growing and doing the best that they could to keep up the hard work. They seemed to find time. How come I couldn’t? I realized that I gave myself every excuse in the book as to why I didn’t have time to do it. Today, I have gone back and read through some of my posts. They are all so surfaced leveled. All I would talk about was my outfit and why I thought it looked good. Like…COME ON PAIGE. That is so lame! I hate that I was even like that. There is more to me than my passion to create. There is no way that I could connect to any one of you with those posts. Jessica and I had another little chat! We were talking about how fashion and blogging is very worldly. It is easy to only think about clothes, hair, makeup, and well…pretty much anything that makes you look good and then to talk about why it all works. But our convo then led us in the direction of how we both want to make a difference in this world, and we can’t do that by just talking about the outfit we are wearing in the photos we post. Whether I can have an effect on one person or hundreds of people, I want to make some sort of difference. I want to empower. I want to support. I want to connect. I want to give. And here I am this morning trying to think of ways I can do that. I do not have an answer. But with all of you, maybe you could give me some ideas on what I could do to be a better human. How can I help? What do you want/need to hear?
Anyway, I am ready to make a move! Not like “a move from Utah”  kind of move haha but I am ready! I am ready to make a move on so many levels! Like the above, I am ready to help, connect, inspire, build, etc! This weekend I was scrolling through my Instagram and I found myself stalking @iheartmacros page. YOU GUYS! Quincy is the queen of all queens! If there is one person that is inspiring, it is her! I know that when it comes to the subject of working out and dieting, some people shut off. I am here to tell you that I do not love her because her body is perfect and she’s got this macro counting down to a T. She is helping women (and I am sure some men) LOVE themselves AND believe in themselves. I see it with the pictures she posts and the comments that are left on her feed. She even got me in her trap. I am going to try one of her programs because I am ready to feel good!
Long story short, I want to be like Quincy. I just need to find my own way. And like I said above, I would love to hear from you and what you need from me.
ps. this post doesn’t have much to do with the photos. I am trying to find a way to get better at tying everything together hahaha. I guess I like “making moves” in my cute comfy workout clothes.
workout bra: target | workout leggings: target | sneakers: adidas

suit up and let’s talk pretty

photos by roxana baker photography
So, this past week I had been thinking a lot about the word “pretty.” Silly I know, but being a woman in this world is a bit hard sometimes. This week I really focused on those who were surrounding me. People I know, but also strangers too. I will admit that I eavesdropped on A LOT of conversations…just real casually tho. Some of these conversations put a dagger in my heart. I “casually” listened in on a convo that a group of high school girls were having in Forever 21. Throughout this convo, they were all talking about the things the wish they could change so they could be pretty. One mentioned how she was “too fat” to look good in anything in the store. The other was looking in the mirror fixing her hair with a “I look disgusting” look on her face. Another one of the girls was on Instagram talking about every “perfection” of this woman on her screen…I left that store feeling sick. You guys…that was me. As much as I hate to admit it, it still is me at times. I saw myself in every single one of those girls. Why do we do that? Why do we talk to ourselves in a way that we would never talk to anyone else? 
After that experience, that is when I began to think about the word “pretty.”
We all must know that “pretty” isn’t all about having a pretty exterior. It’s about having a pretty heart and a pretty mind! My friend said recently (when it came to a convo about guys and dating hahaha) that “a beautiful face catches the eye, BUT a beautiful soul conquers the heart.” . So Pinteresty, but very much the truth. That saying can be applied to so many different things. For me, I am trying to focus on being kind. Serving others. Being strong. Although I have many moments where I am picking myself apart, I would much rather have someone be my friend or love me because of my pretty soul. 
“REMINDER: You are under no obligation to look pretty. Not when you are lying around the house, not when you go to the grocery store, not when you sit in the class room, not when you go to the gym. You are never obligated to get dressed up just so you are pretty for OTHERS. Pretty is not the rent you pay to exist in this world as a woman.”
If you like to get “suited up” like me, do it for YOURSELF. But also suit yourself up with all of those other things I talked about: love, service, strength, charity, kindness, etc. Let’s all help each other. Encourage each other. Serve each other. Lift each other. Let’s all take a step back, especially this holiday season, and find the REAL and TRUE beauty in every single person around us!
ps. this Target suit is on sale!
suit jacket: target| suit pants: target | bralette: victoria secret (similar) | mesh top: artizia | booties: zara (similar) | lipstick: lancome

Sweating in my Lilybod

photos by Roxana Baker Photography
Wow. I must say that between Thanksgiving and it being that time of the month, my diet has gone out the window! Sorry…TMI. But in all reality, it has been really hard for me to keep to a workout schedule since being home. In Los Angeles, I had a routine that I loved so much, and I haven’t been able to find that same kind of love here. It’s been really frustrating for me! Tonight will be my first night training with the gorgeous Camee Adams. SHE IS SUCH A BADASS,  I am 100% scared out of my mind, but I am 100% ready to get feeling better. If any of you want to join me, just comment or DM me on IG! I always am looking for a partner, and Camee wouldn’t mind either! Anyway…
I follow a lot of women who talk about wellness and health. The one message that I have always loved is the following: it’s not about what the scale says, it’s about the way you feel and the way your clothes fit! None of these women talk about “being skinny”, they talk about being fit and feeling good. I know this is a topic that’s been around for a long time. Everyone talks about it. Everyone’s heard it more than they can count on their hands, but being fit is a big goal of mine. BUT I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM….i’m hoping some of you have the same problem and can give me some advice. I literally feel like I am on a rollercoaster ride. I’ll have a good few months were I am kicking butt. I workout (maybe twice a day sometimes), sweat lots, eat well, and feel really great about myself. Then something will happen and one “off day” turns into 2 weeks of off days! It’s been an off month if I’m going to be honest.
I am so ready to get feeling good again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to embrace my body and love where it is at, but I do need to change A LOT of my habits! If there was one thing that I could get rid of, it would definitely be…MY SWEET TOOTH! How do y’all get up and get your booties to the gym? Who are the Fitness Influencers that you follow along with?
Jacket: Calia| Bra: Nordstrom | Shoes: Adidas | Leggings: Lilybod

let things happen as they may

photos by Wesley Aldrich
You know those people who will send you quotes or songs to help uplift or inspire you? Well, hi. I’m Paige. I am one of those people. My best friends are those people, and my Momma is too. I LOVE IT! This past week my bf, Tay, sent me a quote from this book she was rereading. I realized that I had read that same book a long time ago and was inspired by her to reread it too! Best decision I have made this month (you’ll see why below). You know…there are so many things I want to do. So many things I want to be good at. So many things I want to try. I want to be the Martha Stewart of life! It’s a problem. One thing that has been jerking me in every direction is this dang Blog and my Instagram account. Pause there and let me give you a quick rundown….
My full-time job has me on social media everyday. My passion for creating content and styling has me on social media everyday. You know where that will get you with enough time…down in the trenches with all your stupid thoughts about how you’re not good enough, fit enough, pretty enough, smart enough, stylish enough, rich enough, etc. The list literally goes on and on. For me this happens WAY too often. I mean…get this…I have thee most amazing friend, Jessica, who also trying to grow her blog and social platforms. We don’t it for the money. We do it because it is her creative outlet. Our way to express ourselves. Our way to inspire. Our personal image, blog posts, and pretty much anything we create represents just a little slice of us. There are lots of day we are texting each other different image options, and asking which is the best to post on Instagram. We ask, “which image will get the most engagement? What will be the crowd favorite?” We then start to pick out whats wrong with each of our photos. How disgusting is that?! Well…needless to say…we both had a “come to Jesus” moment on Sunday. YES…JUST TWO DAYS AGO. So, remember that book I mentioned up top? This is where it comes into play. I opened up to a random chapter and read this passage:
“Work, chained to its outcome, is misery. Do what you can, do it better than you’re able, and let things happen as they may. The action, not its fruit, is your business. The outcome is not your concern. If God is going to show himself to you in the work that you shoulder, he will only do so if you’ve stopped craving an approving audience and, instead, work out your own salvation.

You’re life is not a movie. It has no audience and it reaches no climax. There is no soundtrack.  There is just YOU and the WORK and the PEOPLE who share the work with you. Love the work for its own sake. Fearless in love, set ambition free.” – Letters to a Young Mormon by Adam S. Miller
And now you all feel inspired huh?! haha just kidding. But really, as I read that, I screenshotted is right away and sent it to Jess! This social media stuff is rough! And a lot of us will lose sight of what is most important. Like you hear some people say…you are not defined by the likes you get on Instagram. You are not loved by how many people follow you. YOU ARE AMAZING because YOU are creating what YOU think is beautiful! If you truly love doing it for YOU, the happier you will be. The quote above can obviously be applied to most anything in life. Relationships. Spirituality. Work life. I don’t know about you, but I vow to stop craving approval. Not just within the social media world, but in every aspect of life. I hope that you will all join me! Life is already hard. This has got to make it ten times easier, right?!
Ps. I shot with the amazing Wesley this weekend. We met via Instagram a couple of weeks ago and he is one amazing human! Go show him some love. See the links to each piece of my look below.
Jacket: Forever 21 | Shirt: Clad and Cloth | Jeans: Zara (similar here)| Shoes: Aldo (on sale) |Glasses: Aldo (on sale) | Lip Gloss: NYX

Scoot Scoot

photos by roxana baker photography
Like I mentioned in my last post, moving back to Utah has been quite the adjustment. One day you think you’ve got it all figured out, and the next day everything comes crashing down. Some of the things I thought I wanted weren’t truly making me happy. I thought that moving on without these things was going to be like climbing Mount Everest with a one hundred pound backpack weighing me down. Maybe it will be a hike, but it will be a beautiful one! When people say “life is tough”, I agree!  There are so many thoughts going through my head, so many emotions that I am feeling and trying to embrace. There have been people who have made me feel like embracing these emotions is not okay, or to feel a certain way is wrong. But those people are wrong. Feel every emotion. Learn from them. Be sad. It’s okay to cry. Life is meant for growing. Being uncomfortable. Being wrong. Making mistakes. But I recently decided it was time for me to face my doubts. I have a lot of them. I give myself pep talks on the daily, you guys.  Although everyday brings different experiences and different emotions, we need to remember that there is so much to be grateful for. On days where I throw myself pity parties, I try to take a step back and remember the amazing things and people God has blessed me with. I didn’t mean for this to be a soft and saucy post, but being back and rekindling relationships, making the most out of my time, doing the things that are important to ME, all of it is changing my outlook day by day. Anyway…
I’ve just been scooting along for the past little while and had been in talks with the amazing Laurel from Piper and Scoot. Can we talk about what a Girl Boss she is?! #goals. I am so happy we finally got the time to collab and show off one of my most fave dresses they have right now! I wore this to church with cute chunky black heels and got so many compliments! Because my dress was being coveted, I wanted to find a way to wear it as a day look. For now, this is the best that I could come up with! Very easy BUT so cute AND perfect for Fall. How would you style it?
hat: brandy melville (similar here) | lip butter: NYX | booties: zara (similar here) | dress: piper and scoot

Trousers for the Win

photos by roxana baker photography
I so wish I had a cool Halloween post for you guys. I see all of these amazing bloggers with cool makeup and awesome costumes, but I didn’t get creative this year! I’ll try to keep up next year.
You guys…this shoot, to this day, is one of my favorites! My babe Roxana KILLED IT. Killed. It. I do have a confession: I’m honestly afraid to wear any pants that are NOT skinny jeans. I remember the first time I wore skinny jeans and I thought I looked like a tree trunk. I HATED THEM. Now, I have a hard time buying anything else. I took a small risk tho. I bought two pairs of pants that are not denim and not skinny…and HOLY SHIZ I am glad I did. These pants should have a place in everyone’s closet. I’ve seen these styled a few ways too. I’m sure you all have. I’m just hoping on this train late. For example: Hello Fashion Blog styled it this summer with a tank. Super cute, right? Anyway, kinda loving pants like this and I am sure I will be posting more of them. What pants are your fave? Share the love and fill me in on all your secrets!
| pants: zara (similar here and here) | turtle neck: zara (similar here) | heels: nine west |

Change in the Weather

I am sitting in my kitchen. I have two long sleeve shirts on. I am wearing my warmest sweatpants. Oh, and don’t think for a second that I do not have socks on. cuz I do. So yes, I’m just here thinking to myself “WHAT DID I DO?!” Yep. It’s real. I moved back to Utah.

It’s in the hundreds in LA and my crazy self has ended up back in Utah where the weather is showing me no love. I am not going to lie, I would do anything to be laying by the pool, sipping a sparkling Bai (Bolivia Black Cherry to be specific), and listening to the jams and playing games with my friends!

There is nothing better than the California weather, but in my case, I think this spontaneous change may end up being beneficial in the long run. Change is hard. It’s so uncomfortable. Leaving the life you’ve built, your friends, your loved ones, basically everything that is familiar, and having to start over…it’s intimidating. Hard. Scary. but we ALL know… “There is no growth in the comfort zone.” How often do we take chances? How often do you say to yourself, “What am I doing with my life? I wish I could be doing ____. I am bored with what I am doing.” I know we ALL think it. I know I think about it way too much. But I am doing it. I am making change. I am taking risks. I am going to do my best to do what makes ME happy. Like this blog. I probably have like one reader (my mom), but its my outlet. It was left in the dust because I was trying to stay afloat with my California life. But I love it. It makes ME happy. I am going to do it for ME! Push aside those who hate, who discourage, who make you think that you are not capable of doing what YOU want to do. Because you are more than capable!

Now is the time do be brave! Make changes. Do what makes YOU happy, and if you don’t know what that is, take leaps of faith and figure out what it is. I’m still trying to figure out what REALLY makes me happy. I am learning new things everyday. I face challenges that are taking me to people I need to meet. Places I need to go. Am I struggling? Yep! Am I growing? I sure hope so. Have I already met people who are helping me get to where I need to be? You bet! God is good.

And that’s my little shhhpill.

Now about this swimsuit. I should have posted this a long time ago. But I am terrible at keeping up on here! That’s going to change. One day…haha Anyway, this swimsuit is one of my fave finds. Unfortunately, I found it one the sale rack at Aerie and it was the ONLY ONE left. And get this…it was too big! But I wanted it so bad that I bought it, took it to the tailor, and she worked her magic! If you are somewhere warm, I hope you are enjoying every second of it! Catch some rays for me and send some warm weather my way!


| swimming suit: aerie (similar here) |


Workin on my Fitness

Photography by Brooke Scheurn Photo
Bra: Nike | Pants: Nike (similar) | Shoes: Nike

Okay, I am terrible. I can’t believe the last time I posted on here was in Feb! I was so pumped and motivated to keep up! I guess life gets in the way. All that matters is that…I am still here and still trying to do this blog thing! This time around, I am not going to stress and I am just going to have fun and share whatever my heart desires.

Anyway…I MADE A BIG CHANGE. Well..a big change in my eyes! For the last year I was training at a boxing gym. I would go almost every day! I was obsessed. Still am. But after a while I wasn’t seeing much change in my body. So, I did what scares me, and made a change! I decided to put that money I was spending on the boxing gym towards personal training with my fave Chiheb Soumer. Yes, there is boxing still involved! I was nervous from going to boxing class every day to only working out 3 times a week. In all honesty, I feel SO much better! I feel stronger and quicker and it’s only been 3 1/2 weeks since our first session. Wanna know what makes it extra fun? It’s a GROUP session. Which means I get to workout with my girls! Nothing better than having them there to motivate and push me. I can’t wait to see how we all feel a couple of months from now!

Long story short…I have a love-hate relationship with change. For some reason I always crave it. Sometimes I am not happy with it, but most times it makes ya stronger in one way or another!

What’s your go-to work out?


run like no one is watching

So, I have a confession. I usually stay away from looking at fitness Instagram accounts, because I find myself counting the flaws that I think I have, but lately I have been searching around Pinterest and Instagram to decide how I am going to attain a healthier lifestyle. There are SO many good accounts out there! It is incredible. But there is one problem that I have…I go through this crazy mind game. This is what I mean:
#1. I think “I am so ready to be healthy and get fit!”
#2. I then think “Where do I even start?”
(then I start looking at Instagram for different work outs and food ideas)
#3. Then I start to workout and eat healthy and then I don’t see results within the first two to three weeks…
(obviously that’s not a ton of time! Duh Paige…it takes longer than that)
#4. Every account I come across, I see this person who seems to be simply flawless and who
has it all together. So then I start to doubt a little bit.
#5. I then start to get super overwhelmed and think there is NO WAY I can make this happen for myself.
(I would ever look that good. Even if I never ate again!)
#6. Then there I am…back on my couch at midnight eating cookies. hahaha
This has been my process for a really long time! I think that I am starting to find ways to be motivated by myself and not by others, and that is really helping me! I personally want to feel and look good, and only I can make myself feel that way. So, with all of that being said, I want to know how you all are keeping healthy. What are your favorite healthy snacks? Are you on a diet that you love? I see lots of people “counting their macros”. Are you doing that? I am currently obsessed with boxing. It’s the only thing that gets me to the gym! So with that being said, what work out classes do you love?
The statement on this sweatshirt is a perfect statement for me. “Run like no one is watching.” I think I run a little funny, so I always pretend like no one is watching, or I get self-conscious! haha YOU GUYS…H&M pulled through this season with their workout gear! Their stuff is sooooo good. The sweatshirt in this look is a suede fabric. SUEDE! (see link below) So cool. Everywhere I go with this sweatshirt on, I get compliments. And the bra too. I have never had a matching gym outfit until this last month. Now I am kind of obsessed with trying to find matching looks. If you are anything like me, have cute outfits makes you get your booty to the gym, right?!
Anyway, I hope some of you comment and give me your feedback. I would love to hear from you all.
xo, paige

photos by roxana b photography
sweatshirt: h&m
leggings: h&m
sports bra: h&m
shoes: adidas